Emperor Naevius

Emperor Naevius Marius

“I found Cyrene a city of bricks and watched Her transform into a city of marble. I will not rest till She is a city of gold.”

An oath sworn by Emperor Naevius at his coronation.

Emperor Naevius is the current leader of the Cyrene Empire. He took office as a young man, elected by The Council after the death of Emperor Caecilius. He was already a well known hero from his exploits in the War of the Scale. He is best known for leading a a battalion of 600 men against over 2,000 Kobolds, delaying their assault on Ironspike till reinforcements could be mustered.

He has presided over a period of unprecedented success and has become become beloved by the people of the Empire. His reign is not unblemished, though, as it was fraught with political strife. For the early part of his reign he was in constant conflict with The Council who veiwed his popularity as a threat to their already diminishing power. For a time things grew so dire that there was talk of civil war. Then a compromise was reached. The Edict of Reformation (working title) gave the Patrician Families a new role in the gevernment of Cyrene. No longer would they be advisors to the Emperor or representatives of the people. Instead they were given seats of power in the Empires newly conquered lands and charged with bringing the wisdom and guidance of the Patricians to every corner of the Empire. While this has brought about an ease to the tension, the final outcome is still unclear.

Emperor Naevius

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