Cyrene Empire

The Cyrene Empire

The Cyrene Empire is the largest and most powerful nation in all of Elos. At its inception it was little more then a city state based in Cyrene, which is now the capital of the Cyrene Empire.


The Cyrene Empire is currently ruled by Emperor Naevius. The title of Emperor was firs issued to Emperor Artoris durring the age of conflict. It started as primarily a military position but has, over the years, been expanded into a veritable monarchy. The only thing that kept the Emperors power in check was The Council, a representative ruling body chosen by the people from among the patrician families. In recent years The Council’s role has been changed. Instead of advising the Emperor, its members have been given custody of portions of the Empire’s conquered lands. Emperor Naevius reached this decision with the consent of The Council, reasoning that the wisdom and guidance of the patrician families should be spread to all reaches of the Empire, not horded for Cyrene herself.

The Empire currently resembles something of a fuedal state, with each patrician family given rule over their own territory in return for tribute and fealty to the Emperor.


The gods of the Cyrene Empire are that of the Olympic Pantheon.


The Age of Mourning

The history of the Cyrene Empire dates back to the Age of Mourning. Though accurate written history from this time is almost impossible to come by, legend has it that the gods of Olympus looked down on the destruction and took pity on the suffering of man and sent 12 men, descended from the gods themselves, to lead and guide them. The descendants of these 12 men became the Patrician Families. These families lead the city-state of Cyrene from a representative ruling body known as the The Council. This council stood as the sole ruling body for almost 150 years.

The Age of Conflict

It was not long before the peace that sourounded the city-state of Cyrene was shattered.

Cyrene Empire

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