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Alright, so this isn’t really an adventure blog, and I would assume we delete it after we get the new sessions going, so people don’t have to “wtf” our adventure log(s). This is more of a kinda discussion or set of ideas that can propel the group into continuing the Imperium Maius campaign. The world is awesome, though I don’t know how some parts of it are, here are some ideas:

- Pallas is stripped of rank, thus her entire world is crumbling around her. She is kinda in the dumps, simply roaming the lands, uninspired to continue living, she has been dishonored and thus is equivelent to scum. As she is roaming, an old comrade from the convent (Alex’s character) catchs up with her and pulls her out of her depression. He introduces her to the Flightfoot brothers, who hail from a halfing clan devoted to Zeus. The zeal of old comrade and of the brothers awakens what she thought was lost and inspires her to find this false prophet and regain her honor. Her story inspires the brothers and comrade to fight by her side to either A) Vanquish evil or B) Regain her honor or C) Both. Though she knows not what to do, she prays with fevor and Athena grants her a vision (the first plot hook)…

-Pallas is imprisoned, and is desolate. Destroyed by the apparent betrayal of a comrade, of having to turn in Greytusk and disappearance of Kairn. She seeks nothing more but the blade of an axe to come on to her neck. Yet, as she prepares for her what would be exectution: Either

A sudden rescue is sprung…. and Pallas is lead to a group of men, one she recognizes. Nira has actually staged her execution, the others (except Clindos) have been given other orders, (Kairn to spy, never to be caught, Greytusk put into slavery) due to the group’s constant ability to draw too much attention. Pallas is given a new identity and it will take someone that was quite close to her to even assume that she is even of relation to Pallas. Nira has employed the use of her former comrade and the Flightfoot brothers to aid in her mission and to regain her honor. The code of ethics branded by the new group will assume no unessisary attention is given to the group. Nira has received information from Kairn that they are to head to (enter plot hook here)


She is given a sudden divine inspiration. It is of a former comrade and of two halfing brothers as they battle the false oracle! She assumes to be executed but is simply stripped of rank and citizenship, nevermore to be thought of. She knows where to go to seek answers of this vision… the newly risen true oracle! As she arrives the oracle councils her on her lost faith, stating that all must go through trials, and only the strongest hold their faith, as she did. The oracle gives the location of the people from her vision, which is nearby. As it turns out, Nira, a man of great power who has been doing this kinda thing for long enough, is not a man to put all his eggs in one basket. This group has been sent as a sign of sympathy to track down the previous group. However, their true mission is to pick up where the last group left off. Yes, this leaves Nira a bit more invested, but this group has nothing against them (except for Pallas, who has stripped of rank, and thus less if not completely identifiable) and is simply given a task from Nira’s regular regime. The group has found out that (enter plot hook here)

Ok… so these are some brainstormed ideas. Take them and run with them. Run with SOME of them. Completely dismiss them. Tell me they make no sense at all, I really don’t care lol. It’s just some ideas that I’ve thrown out there to try and make the “new” group work. I think that all of them could be used, though I’m partial to the middle one, where her death is staged. I think it alleavates most of our groups inability to simply walk the roads and jank. It’s whatever, but lets save the campaign… too much fun not to right?


I am partial to the stagged execution as well. But I think the first one shows more depth of character. The fallen war hero. Constantly being scorn by citizens of the empire. Fighting to regain her honor. But, the execution one could lead to some interesting high tension moments. How would the paladins in the group feel about this. Pallis’ old and new friends would probably like to help her regain her honor, but they arn’t capable of lieing to help her keep her new identity. I really like the potential of the first one. Thats my vote, I love redemption stories (they have the best conversations!).

Where to go from here

HOORAY FOR DEFENDING HONOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pretty sure that’s what Cavalier’s of the Sword do =D) lolz

Where to go from here
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