Imperium Maius

Survey answers


I want to participate in a world on the brink of distruction. Legions of cult members and demons pillaging and raping across the borders. I want to rush into battel fighting for freedom and justice knowing full well that my god has my back. I want to be the under-dog, i want to slaughter unending hordes of evil. I want to find weapons of lore. Weapons that can challenge the gods themselves. And for my final reward, i want to bask in the very presence of my god, to have him/her embrace me and thank me for all my hard work. To tell me that they appreciate and love me.

Also, I love you ideas on the power level. It did feel weird to be fighting town guards who had the same BAB as us. I love the ideas of Bounty Hunters and Assassins coming after us. This is going to rock. As for party splitting. I promise to stop trying to do that. I will try to more actively participate in role-playing events, instead of just sitting in the back seat and then doing my own thing. I am super excited for this Wednesday. I already love the story going with Telikus and Doran, and I can;t wait to see how Alex’s toon and Pallis join in on this.


MilitantBob Clindos

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