Imperium Maius

Report #4

What have we done? Oh cruel fates, why is this the course of action we were to take? There were so many options, so many things that we could have done differently… why did we have to take the path of violence? It was our sins that lead us down this road. I don’t know if I can ever overcome my faults now. It was our pride and sense of vengeance that took us down a road with a hangman’s noose at the end of it. He that is proud eats up himself; pride in his glass, his trumpet, his chronicle; and whatever praises itself but in the deed, devours the deed in the praise… (Shakespeare).

We came back to the town with the temple of Apollo. The statue, glowing with rings of heat, was surround’d by civilians. They were listening to a speech being given by the head priest. What fools we are. He spoke of the true adventurers who were there to save the town… he spoke not of us, but of two others; others who were from the family Tarquitius. There is where our pride bubbl’d up from inside us. We knew then that we had been betray’d. The priest divulg’d our location, he plann’d on us being dead, and then tried to put the house of Tarquitius in our place. We saw them on the platform where the priest was speaking his lies… that is where the road fork’d, and that is where we fail’d.

We rush’d headlong into the square, proclaiming our own greatness to the crowd. They were shock’d. The priest had told them of our suppos’d demise, yet here we were. Brazen and proud, standing before the masses with our bitterness on our steel clad shoulders. We were fools. The priest heard our boasting and turn’d to flee. Greytusk and Clindos charg’d the large wooden doors smashing them to pieces. We did not just take our rage out on the priest, we took it out on the very temple I had pray’d in not but days before. How? How could we do this? The man from Tarquitius recogniz’d me. He told me to lay down my arms and come to terms peacefully. I almost did. Athena would have want’d me to… instead I try’d to cover us in mist so that we could move about without getting more people invlov’d. Instead, Greytusk almost killed the noble and his aide, and one of the town guard stab’d his ally trying to get to me through all the confusion. People almost died because we could not stop our sinful ways. Our pride almost kill’d a nobleman! How will we explain all this? The only way to explain why we knew that the priest was false was to admit to breaking empirical law!

We took the priest and ran. Not before we took the law into our own greedy hands once again. We took the four fine horses that the noble had ridden into town. We took them when our own horses were standing but a stones throw away. At first I was not going to have this kind of blatant violation of the law, but Clindos insist’d that he was going to take one. I was ready to use force to stay his hands, but alas, I fail’d in this too. I agree’d. I allow’d the horses to not only be taken, but for us to ride them in order to expedite our escape. I also allow’d for all of the horses to be taken, so as to slow the progress of our foes. We stole four priz’d horses, defiled the temple to Apollo, and attack’d a nobleman. We are but fools. I know not what I will say to you Nira. How can I explain our actions when there is no excuse for them? Our anger and pride rul’d the day and we were just followers of the religion of self and selfishness. Now we cower and hide like criminals in our own lands! We are criminals! And we are wrong for our deeds. This place is my home, I have a life and a family here. Things matter not, the only thing I truly own is my honor and my reputation, and now I no longer have that. I have lost everything of importance in my life in one fell swoop; one knot in the fabric of fate that may never be unti’d even for the great Heracles. Athena have mercy on my soul! Take me into your wise embrace and show me the way! Take my sins and wash me clean in the waters of Poseidon that surround this land! How may I be redeem’d? I have fail’d you my gods; I have fail’d my people; I have fail’d my employer; and most of all, I have fail’d myself.

Not all is lost this day. There is one hope of redemption. The priest was being used. His sister has been captur’d by the false oracle and they have threaten’d her life. We must save her. Not just for her sake, but for ours. They are the only ones who could clear our name. Except perhaps for finding the false oracle himself… Your foe comes from the East dear comrade… it all makes sense now. House Tarquitius is working with the false oracle to overthrow you. They want your power, my friend. It may not mean as much to you after all that I have done wrong, but I swear on all the honor I have left in me that I will not let your family fall while I still have breathe in me. Hear me o’ Athena! I have made a promise that I will die to keep! I will restore my honor before death takes me, so help me gods!


MilitantBob Julietta

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