Imperium Maius

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Just want to say that I have to agree with Donovan that this, I believe, will be better in the long run! And the survey thing I think will be great too!!! Awesome job D-man!!! (not that we ever doubted you… great DM skills for sure!)

Rolling dmg with dice seems good, seeing as we did away with action points… I could just see me metagaming by blowing tons of action points b/c I saw the epic amounts of damage already… but seeing as we moved to the hero point system, I think they’ll be more valuable in the long-run thus not too bad of powergaming there.


1) I think I’m with Julia; On the verge between fantastic and epic. I want to kill some undead and a devil or two… maybe the devils are in cahoots with the villain, so be it… maybe not to the point that we’re stemming an entire planar invasion (not yet anyhow… growing in lvl seems like it would yield doing more epic things). So probably Fantastic now, then lean towards Epic later.

2) I think I’m on the line between standard and intense… I do feel like sometimes it needs to be subdued, but I can’t help but love to knock heads. I DO love some roleplaying though, I think the skill challenges are fun and creative and that there should be an even mix. But I do kinda feel like I’d feel a bit lacking if there was no combat at least once a session. Puzzles are great too! Just my spin though…

3)Lol… all of them? I dunno, cash-flow seems good, and c’mon… who doesn’t love some badass gear? (did you see Alex’s face when he got an intelligent Dwarven waraxe???) And be well renowned is pretty awesome in itself (though, if I get a title instead of money/lootsies for a quest, I’ll feel nixed as a player lol… as a PC though, I’ll be well behaved lol) And Donovan… you did include World Domination… all D&D players seek world domination from playing… duh. ;)

4) Ya getting beat sucks… but idk… as a player, I hate defeat, as my PC I’d hate controlled or tricked. So I’ll go with defeat =D

5) I’m going to say realistic… I feel that our group is upbeat and cheery, and that we can of course do comical things in and out of game… but as far as the setting, realistic to bleak…

BTW all… I’m super excited about this week!!!


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