Imperium Maius

Survey Response

"If I could have a moment of your time..."

Julia Hughes

Thanks for working with the power level thing. I didn’t even act like I was a fourth level character. I was a badass ;) and that was all that mattered! Now I feel that things will work more smoothly with the whole badass vibe and of course helping everything make sense…

I like the idea of rolling the damage die with the attack roll. It should help speed things up and encourage us to have our die all together at the start of the session.


1. Fantastic, however I do enjoy the Epic side. Right now I would love to be more involved with the gods, which is most assuredly epic, but as long as there are magical beasts and magic castles and the like I am happy.

2. Standard, but leaning more toward subdued. I really like role-playing, but I can get down for a damage dealing, loot finding, maze like dungeon rife with traps and puzzles. Through some role-playing in a dungeon and you got yourself a jackpot winner! “Burn baby burn… Disco inferno!”

3. Right now I have to say gear. I want an epic shield so bad! Role-playing is nice, after all Pallas is trying to get her title back with her redemption, but I really want badass gear to make her more unique and stand out in a crowd. Which could sometimes be a burden but that is what a caster and a disguise check is for ;) .

4. Well, this is a tough one. I think defeat is my ‘hate’ of choice because I find the tricks an interesting way to go. It feels so good when the pieces fit together and it becomes a game of wits, and there are a few times that you can figure out the trick and those moments make all the previous failures worth while. Controlled, well Pallas was working for the government and was in the military, obviously I have no problem with this. It also gives you contacts, missions, and sometimes a villain that may or may not have been the guy you were working for to begin with.

5. I enjoy cheery romps through cliche and off the wall humor, but some days I just wanna be depressed. Bleak, however, is a mood of the day kind of thing. I often prefer light-hearted and humerus because most adventure groups I have played with like to crack jokes and make light of things all around the table. If the campaign is like that then the session will be open to some rather interesting humor.


MilitantBob Julietta

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