Imperium Maius


1st session w/ skill challenge

Oh master, my master, I write again to brag of all our cunning!

Our latest adventure involves a battle and of our group running!

We headed to the town from which we came, the temple of Apollo shining,

When we arrived, the High priest was preaching; we had made perfect timing.

He was speaking to a group of the common men, telling that the foretold men were there,

But they were not referring to us! No, a blonde noble and a man with no hair!

At our sight the priest did run, as we then knew something was amiss,

We charged the gate, the men withdrew, and the noble talked to our Miss!

The warriors ran into the temple, raging and yelling aloud,

I disarmed the noble, guards advancing through the alarmed crowd!

Pallas stood by her oaths, to not harm those of noble blood,

But the men advanced not allowing us out,


MilitantBob tankthecannibleking

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