Imperium Maius

A flame about to be freed. pt. 5

We are in deep shit now. I can’t believe how things have turned out. We made it out of the mountain without further incidents. As we where making our way through the forest, back to the town, with its temple of Apollo, we stumbled across an encampment of about 30 men. We did some spying and found out these are the freed slaves from the local area. We over hear the conversations, they are talking about the huge rebellion that is about to get started. Oh shit…

We high tail it out of there, intending to go straight to the magistrate and warn him about the rebellion. When we get back to town, we see everyone is once again gathered at the temple. As we approach we see the High priest standing on the temple’s balcony. He is flanked by two men. One or appears to have the soft features of a nobleman, and a tough grisly looking bald man standing with him. The priest is giving a speech about how these men from the east are the saviors that have been fortold. Now wait a damn minute. That was us a few days ago.

As we approach the temple, the elf starts belting out a rendition of our previous accomplishments. I notice the ogre next to me draw out his axe, readying it incase. I decided to do the same, willing my blade to burst forth in fiery glory. As we approach, we see the priest sudden go pale. He stops his speech mid sentence, looking like he has seen a ghost. Then he turns around and bolts into the temple. That little dick. Hes up to something.

The ogre and I charge through the crowd. As I pass by the statue, it seems to snear at me…. ah and I thought we where friends. Fuck it then, next time I see that smirking copper face look at me, I’m going to cleave it in two. The ogre and I reach the door and slam or shoulders into it. The door goes bursting out from its frame, barley hanging on by one hinge. We see the priest standing in the middle of the temple, his arms loaded with papers and scrolls. As he sees us smash through his door, he quickly shouts out to his god, and vanishes.

This doesn’t full us though, we can hear his foot steps as he tries to sneak around the room. The ogre and I set out to hunt him down. I notice that the elf and priestess have stayed in the door way, and they appear to be arguing with the noble man and from no where there seems to be a ton of guards. This is turning out good.

The ogre and I manage to track the priest into a corner. As I finally grab a hold of him, and put him in a choke hold, I hear the priestess cry to her goddess, then there is this load hissing noise, like steam. Then this dense fog bank fills up the outer courtyard, and door way. At this time the grisly guy comes out from one of the side doors, he charges straight for the ogre, who stands in front of me, as I continue wrestling with the priest.

From the fog I hear a cry of out rage from the noble, he then comes charging out of the cloud, straight into the ogres path, great sword draw and ready. The ogre changes his stance, I see him put his wait forward on his lead foot, so that he can pivot much more quickly. His dwarven axe comes crashing down onto and through the noble man’s left shoulder armor. Shucking him like a clam. The ogre then pivots around and slams the axe into the side of the grisly man.

I can tell the Noble is in bad shape, a feather’s touch would be sure to send him to hades. The grisly man is a tough one though. The blow dents his armor in, but he hardly makes a sound. He grabs his companion and bolts into the mists. I see this moment of confused wonder on the ogres face, and he seems to be muttering to himself. I wonder if being possessed by the oracle has knocked a few screws loose.

Next thing I know, the elf and and the priestess are trying to get the doors to close, and the ogre is pushing pews to block it in. We quickly formulate a plan for escape. We tie the priest up and the ogre picks him up. I pray to my tribes spirits for help. I see my family take form before me, they then quickly change to match my companions and I. They then charge straight through the wall. I can hear them calling out to the guards and taunting them. My friends, and I quickly bust out a window and take off toward the stables, in the opposite direction.

We get to the stables, where we see four noble looking horses, and then our 3 horses and yak. After much arguing, we convince the ogre to leave the yak. We take all the horse. We hightail it out of that town. For 3 days we ran. We made a short stop at the vineyard where we warned our vinter friend of the coming rebellion and to not believe what he may hear about us. He told us he knows we are good people.

As we continue our headlong flight, we take the time to question the high priest. It turns out that his new profit has kidnapped his sister, and his holding her as ransom. He is making the priest warn him of dangers and using him to further his own goals. The priest recently received a message from the profit telling him about the noble man coming, and that he was to proclaim him the long awaited hero. We set back out, making our way back to our Master, Nero. We have many things to tell him…….


MilitantBob Clindos

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