Imperium Maius

A flame about to be freed.

Well, looks like I have been bought from the temple of Hephaestus, and am now a slave of some army official. Looks like the priests got tired of my setting their beds on fire… while they where sleeping. At least they let me keep the armor and sword I had forged as a parting gift. This rag tag group of people I’ve been shackled to seem to be a weird bunch. The stupid foreigner will not stop running his mouth. The so called warrior priestess of Athene is about as graceful as a cow. And this half-ogre with his smelly yak is just so slow and brains the crap out of everything. I mean come on, who throws a two-handed adimantium axe. So here is how our first day together went. We’re riding along the road, suddenly we see smoke over the trees in the distance. Then just as suddenly these scruff looking guys jump out of trees and try to knock us off our horses. The only one the succedd in is the big ogre. Next thing I know, my damn god for nothing, slow as hell horse gets startled and bucks me from the saddle. Then as I stand up and try to draw my sword, my family’s spirits decided it would be funny to keep switching witch shoulder the hilt is above. Now all my companions are laying on the ground. The guy who attacked me is running after my horse. The ogre decides to throw his axe, while laying down. At the guy sitting on top of his yak. The poor poor guy. The handle of the axe hit him, and I saw his head crack wide open. The ogre just kinda started dumbfoundidly. Then the elf got slapped around pretty good, but I decided to leave him to try and talk his way out of this one… hahahahahahaha. I take off running at full speed after the guy that caused me to fall. Blessed fire was with me, I was able to pass him up and turn back around barring his path. We got the rest of the guys rounded up, then we noticed they had slave tattoos. Then the lord of the local vine yard came galloping up with his two sons. Some talking and blah blah blah went on. He invites us to accompany his youngest son back to the villa as thanks for rounding up some of his slaves. This one slave would not stop bitching about how wrong his life was. I basically told him to shut up. I’ve been a slave for 10 years now. Just accept it, and move on. While walking there the son and I notice that this elf of ours is talking up and storm with the slave, and they appear to becoming best friends. Apparently this slave set fire to one of his master’s big buildings, and of coarse the son is not happy with our elf. When the son says something about it, the elf threatens him! I mean come on, your on his family’s land, about to eat his family’s food. And you threaten the guy for a slave you meet 5 minutes ago, who very nearly killed your pompy ass? I’m not sure about this guy. We will see if he likes sleeping with his blanket on fire. So the son tells the frickin elf to leave his lands. Oh no, I’m not missing out on some wine and good hot meal for this fool. The the ogre starts crying about his rope, when the son trys to take the slaves. Refusing to let the lad go. Luckly I was use to talking to the priests back at the temple, and giving gifts to out benefactors. I was able to smooth things over. The elf still had to stay in the woods, haha. The priestess stayed with him too, the ogre would not let the rope out of his sight, so he came along too. We finally got back to the villa, I started carousing with the guards. Getting a feel for how their employeer was. Turns out he is a real upstanding guy. The guards and soldiers report that be doesn’t beat the slaves or starve them. That they have it real nice, as far as slavery goes. Guess the slaves trying to steal are horses and kill us where lying. Huh, who would have thought otherwise…. elf. Idiot. So I’m drinking some of the local produce with the guards, we get a good party going. Then the ogre turns his nose up at the wine, pulls out this giant keg of drawven ale. Drawven! We start all chatting together. Turns out the bug brute was raised by them stunty people. Well, at least that explains his ungoldly wild beared. Then all of a sudden, the lord’s oldest son comes galloping into the villa yard shouting about his father and my companions are under attack. Fire feeled my feet and I burned my way outa that yard. Not that I felt any sense of loyalty for them, but my new master has dangled freedom infront of me like a damn carrot. As long as I pull my far share. So I’m running so fast I’m leaving a line of fire on the ground behind me… hehe I love when that happens. I get out there, there is this tall as hell dude, about 8-9 feet tall standing at the edge of a hole. Then I see the chicky’s spear stuck into the ground, right at the edge, and what appears to be grease and slid marks. How did the idiot’s fall into a hole? Oh well, as I’m swing my trusty fullblade at this freak, I notice this tinny halfling wrapped up in vines and suspended in mid air out in the vine field. What the hell, this cause be to miss. I became so mad that I felt the anger over my slavement, my tribes slaughter, and the ever present flame just explode. I went wilded again. The stuppid freak decided to side step away from me then he waggled his fingers and said some non-sensicel words. Felt this strang tug at my brain. I pushed that tiny nat aside, and the flame inside be burst again. Sending out this wave of heat that took the freaks breath away, kinda wilted the vines next to me… sorry lord something or another…. Then my tribes spirits decided to help instead of hender. They swarmed around this so called mage, pummeling him from all sides. I decided to have my fun, and swung the hardest I have ever swung. My blade bit so deep that is launched the freak accross the hole. He landed on his feet, waggled his fingers again, then took off running. He actually ran faster then I could. Pussy. Then after all this finished, the damned ogre finally caught back up. I left him to pull our “firends” out of the hole they fell into. Looks like we still have the halfing to talk too. Let me just get my hands on him…...


MilitantBob Clindos

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