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This site will act as a general repository for information on the campaign world. My hope is that through the use of this site I will be able to flesh out my home-brew campaign setting as throughly as a published setting. At first it will often be incomplete, incorrect, and incomprehensible, but it should take form as time goes on. If there are any questions, or if you would like me to flesh out something in particular, just let me know.

This campaign will center around the continent of Elos. The majority of the continent is under the control of the Cyrene Empire in one way or another. The empire is currently ruled by Emperor Naevius. The balance of power rests between the Imperial Throne, the Patrician Families, and the Consillium Arcana. Other powerful factions include the Phrenic Consortium, and the Fifth Column.

The predominant religion amongst the Cyrene Empire is the worship of the Olympian Pantheon. Other culteres revere different dieties. For instance, the northern barbarian kingdom of Brandobia worship the Asgardian Pantheon and many other less civilized lands take to the worship of nature spirits.

What is Imperium Maius? (FAQ)

Q: No, seriously, what is Imperium Mais?

Imperium Mais loosely translates into absolute power. During the roman empire different ruling bodies had differing levels of Imperium (power). Vary rarely was Imperium Maius ever bestowed on a ruling body and normally only in the case of grave danger.

Q: What is the magic level of the setting? Low/mid/high?

The setting will be high magic, with a few exceptions. For starters ressurection magic is much more difficult to come by. Any spell that brings an individual back to life befoe 7th level spells will not be in the campaign. People who die in Elos] tend to stay dead. Secondly, several types of spells have been made illegal throughout the Cyene Empire (with varying degrees of success) such as charm/dominate, undead animating spells, and most other spells that have no legal application. And lastly, heroic level divine casters (clerics, druids, favored souls, etc) are quite rare, with lower caliber divine casters (paladins, adepts, inquisitors) making up the bulk of divine casters.

Other then that, magic is common place. The Consillium Arcana builds small arcane schools wherever they find talent and magical bazzars are not an uncommon site in trading hubs and large cities. Most common folk are at least somewhat aware of the ways of magic.

Q: What are the character creation parameters?

We will be starting at 4th level gestalt with 32 point buy and 13,00 gp in gear.

Q: What do I need to know to generate a background/personality for my character?

A good place to start would be the Races and Classes section for information on how they fit into the world. After that, if you need something specific and cant find it on this site, let me know.

Imperium Maius

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