Telikus Flightfoot

Monk Rogue


Lvl 5 Monk (of the four winds) and Rogue, Halfling
Str: 10 -- AC: 24 -- HP: 40
Dex: 23 -- touch: 23 -- BAB: 3
Con: 10 -- flat: 16 -- Init: 10
Int: 8 -- Fort: 5 -- Languages: Common, Halfling,
Wis: 18 -- Will: 9 -- Ki Points: 6
Cha: 10 -- Ref: 11
Land speed: 30 ft.

Melee: 11/11
Range: 11
CMB: 10
CMD: 18

silver Knuckles 1d6
Cold Iron Knuckles 1d6
suriken x10 1 damage :(

acrobatics 16
climb 6
diplomacy 4
Disable Device 16
Escape Art 10
Know. Religion 3
Know. local 3
Perception 14
Perform Dance 5
Ride 10
Sense Motive 12
Sleigh of Hand 10
Stealth 18
Swim 4
Use Magic Dev 8

Combat Reflexes; Dodge; Improved Init; Deflect Arrow; Snatch Arrow; Nimble Moves

Class Specials:
Rogue Talents: Finesse Rogue; Combat trick
Sneak Attack 3d6
Elemental Fist 2d6 Lightning
Still Mind- +2 ench save
Improved Evasion
Uncanny Dodge
Wall Walk 20ft. (instead of slow fall)
Trap Finding
Trap Sense 1
Purity of Body

belt of dex +2
headband of wis +2
ring of prot +1
amulet of armor +1
handy haversack
MW thieves tools


Brother to the Paladin Doran. Telikus is the fastest halfling in the village, his fists are quicker then a vipers strike. This has earned him the title “Lightning Bolt”. But, he was never one to bully. He pummeled those who would seek to cow his friends and loved ones. He defended the weak, and helpless. He championed the laws of the empire, and his clan. Because of these traits he was chosen, he was anointed to Zeus, King of the Gods. He was trained in the temple as well as the barracks, along with his brother Doran. He did not like the weight of arms and armor. They slowed his speed down, they caged him. Instead he taught himself to hone his fists into mighty weapons. He excelled at this beyond anyone in the history of the region. Never before has there been such a brawler in the lands. He has learned to strike his opponent’s vulnerable spots, triggering pressure points for increased damage. He has learned to use his size, to slip into his enemies guard. Attacking them up close, not leaving them any room to move. His moves are a dance, and this is how he prays, this is how he meditates, this is how he brings glory to his God! And his god has found pleasure in this. He has taken two of his lightning bolts and wrapped them around Telikus’ hands. They are there as a boon, and a curse. For if Telikus should ever think of doing something outside of Zeus’ Will, they will be quick to remind him.

Telikus Flightfoot

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