Doran Flightfoot




Str: 17

Dex: 16

Con: 12

Int: 10

Wis: 10

Cha: 18

AC: 28 (when mounted w/ shield)/ 25 (when not)

Touch: 14

Flat-foot: 25


Fort: 10

Reflex: 11

Will: 9

CMB: 7

CMD: 20

Feats & Features

Mounted Combat

Ride-by Attack

Spirited Charge

Challenge 2/day

Order of the Sword

Tactician 2/day

Cavalier Charge

Expert Trainer


By My Honor

Aura of Good

Detect Evil

Smite Evil 2/day

Divine Grace

Lay on Hands 6/day (2d6)

Aura of Courage

Divine Health

Mercy (Fatigued)

Channel Positive Energy

Divine Bond (Mount)


Craft: Armor – 4

Diplomacy – 12

Handle Animal – 12

Knowledge: Religion – 5

Ride – 13

Sense Motive – 6

Spellcraft – 8


+1 Mithril Full Plate w/ Armored Kilt

+1 Heavy Steel Shield

+1 Lance

Masterwork Greatsword

Ring of Feather Falling

Belt of Giant Strength +2

Saddlebag of Holding (yes, it’s just a bag of holding, but still)

Exotic Saddle


Usual Method of Attack: Charge = 14 3d612

Tavinter (Griffon mount)

Speed 40 ft

Fly 60 ft

Bite 5 1d63

Str: 14

Dex: 18

Con: 14

Int: 6

Wis: 15

Cha: 10

AC: 21

Touch: 14

Flat-Footed: 17

Fort: 6

Ref: 8

Will: 3

BAB: +3

CMB: 5

CMD: 19



-Flyby Attack


-Light Armor Proficiency




-Share Spells




Fly – 11

Linguistics: -1

Language(s): Halfling


Mithril Chain Shirt


Doran hails from the clan of the Flightfoots; a mighty clan of halflings. The Flightfoots have been around since before the rise of the Cyrene Empire, though with the coming and growing of the Empire, the clan accepted the rigid rules and regulations with ease, and quickly swore fealty to the Empire. The diffusion of the Council created quite a stir among the Flightfoot clan, though the new Patrician family in charge of the region, the Salvius family, seems fair and just and no disputes have been made.

The Flightfoot clan’s dwelling, or the ancient tree-city of Thrace, is a fortress like non-other. Dwarven stone workers and Elven ironwood workers alike, cannot fathom the amount of effort needed to construct and maintain such a city. Marble temples, suspended by what seems to be mere branches and moss. Upon the branches of the Four Great Tree’s (one at each Cardinal Direction) lies the majesty of the Flightfoot clan. The Northern Tree houses the Roost, for the Flightfoots have always maintained a tight relationship with the Griffons of the North. The Eastern Tree holds the temple to Zeus, the most sacred of temples. The Southern Tree maintains the barracks for martial training, the might of the the clan. And the Western Tree maintains the academy used for magical training (both divine and arcane). Within the perimeter of the Four Great Tree’s lie the dwellings and merchant district, with the Mighty Oak at the center, which serves as the town hall, as well as the Boltholder’s (leader of the clan) residence.

Doran belonged to the Talon Warriors, a battalion of combatants whom train griffons from birth, and develop special bonds with these mounts. As a right of initiation to the Talon Warriors, a halfling must climb the nearby mountain in which the griffins roost and be deemed worthy by the griffin’s to retrieve an egg, so they may raise the griffin from birth. From the back of their steed, no man nor monster, no matter the size, can shake a Talon Warrior resolve. Devoted to justice and honor, the griffon’s themselves turn a sneering gaze to evil and abandon any rider who they believe dishonors themselves.

Doran Flightfoot

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