Imperium Maius

A World of Darkness

Pretty much what Flake said, plug two car crashes, Flake shooting a government soldier in a helicopter, Don almost killed by a zombie cat, Julia eaten by Flake, and Me swimming from deer island in the middle of Galveston Bay, to the shores of Galveston. Ya me for being the only survivor. Now I’m hiding from the army in the slums with a water logged shot gun and slimy baseball bat.

A World of Darkness




Diary of Lightning Bolt #2

As my comrades bandage up the slight wounds from battle that we have, I walk over to the pit and examine the mechanism that dropped the floor. I was able to pull the hinged floor parts back up, and then bend a spring in the gears. The floor is wedged in place, and is in no danger of falling again.

I then spied the locking mechanism for the portcullis, at the very top, half hidden from view by the stone and steel. Denton and I come up with a plan to get me within reach of this infernal door. He stood atop his gryphon’s back, then I jumped up onto his shoulders. But, he was not strong enough and dropped me. I then climbed up the gate, put as I reached the top my grip slipped. Cursed gate.

Thaleia stepped up, she began weaving her arms in intricate gestures. Chanting in a strange language that sounded like winder whispering through tree branches. Then she cried out, and before us the ground started to bulge upward. It formed itself into a roughly human shape. Thaleia told the elemental to get past the gate, and pull the level on the other side.

The elemental sank back into the floor, like a person being swallowed by quick-sand. A few seconds later, he see it poke it’s body out of the wall, right beside the lever. As the elemental pulls it, the portcullis rises back to it original position. I prepare to charge the dark figures chanting before us, but sensing my intentions, Denton puts his arm out blocking my path. “This doesn’t feel right” he says. With barley controlled patience I watch him focus his eyes on the figures, then they widen. “It’s an illusion” he shouts. At that point the illusions wink out, and we see right before us a circular room. Along the wall is a raised shelf, about 10 feet high.

Standing upon this shelf/ledge are five skeletal creatures. Two on each side of the room, and one dead center. The four on the sides are all wielding bows, trained directly in front of us has three skulls, side by side, and is holding a staff made out of a long spine. I can see a frost like mist rising from the staff. I immediately dart to my left before they can act, I shout out to Koth “take the right side”. As I’m running the two skeletons on my side let fly their arrows. One flies wide and misses completely, but the second one goes straight for my heart.

But, thanks to my lightning quick fists, I was able to grab the arrow out of the air, and let it fall to the ground. Seeing this the three skulled abomination raises it staff. I feel invisible claws tearing into my skin, then thin strips of my bones slither out of me and dart to the lich.

I finally make it to the wall, bleeding and terribly wounded. I relay on my speed and momentum to carry me forward, running straight up the wall. I hit the ledge and bee-line straight for the first archer. I hear Thaleia’s voice again, chanting behind me, then suddenly the air to my left is covered in a dense fog, blocking out the archers across the room, and the lich. I rear back and swing with all my might at the archer in front of me.

I miss. As I miss the archer unfolds another pair of arms that where tucked up behind its back. Each arms is wielding a scimitar. The first swing misses me, but the second one bites deep into my side. I feel my blood running down my side. As I begin to whisper a prayer to Zeus, to welcome me into the afterlife. Denton comes charging in, his spear drives deep into the archer, shattering it to dust. As I breath a sigh of awesome, I see the other skeleton leap forward to try and drag Denton and Tevinter down. I last out with my fist at the same time as Tevinter clamps his beak down on the creatures sternum. We rip the creature to shreed before he could even get a hand hold. Right at that point, the lich steps out from the cloud, on the ground, directly before Thaleia.

I hear his hollow echo, as he says “My dear, that was a nice trick. But, let us have a moment of alone time now.” He thrusts his staff in my direction, the slivers of my bone that where orbiting it shoot out, and dig their way through my flesh, and reattaching to my bones. I fall to my knees, the pain is almost unbearable. The lich then snaps his fingers, and a wall of flame bursts from the ground to the ceiling. But, this flame is deep and dark blue. An unearthly chill creeps into the room. Sucking the heat from my body. Ice starts to coat the ground around it.

Tevinter lets loose a screech, as Denton wheels him in mid-air, and charges through those cold flames. I see ice forming on Tevinter’s wings, and Denton’s armor, but they make it through. The tip of Denton’s lance catches on one of the liche’s skulls. Tearing it free, and sending it shatter to the ground. Koth then comes charging to Thaleia’s aid, striking again and again with his pole-arm.

All this goes on with me stuck behind that wall of cold. I try to drag my self to the edge of the ledge, but the cold is to much. I can’t force my broken and bleeding body to go further. I watch in helplessness as my compatriots face this evil. Denton charges again, shattering yet another skull. The lich screams in agony and says “This will not end here”, he steps back into the mists. When Thaleia lefts the mists lift away, the lich is gone.

His wall of cold winks out of existence. I begin to drag my way over to my companions, Thaleia rushes over to me, she calls out to Artemus, and I feel warmth wash through my body. As if I was laid in the sun, with the rays caressing my skin. As she tends to my wounds, notices that the walls are lined in a mural. As my wounds close, and I feel stronger, I join him. I notice the script is in Infernal. The language of Tartarus.

The mural is a depiction if this villages history. It shows that this village has dedicated itself to Hates. That they have made countless sacrifices to their god. Then there is a picture of Hades’ hands rising from a deep pit, holding a huge mound of bones. Then the mural switches to the future. There are two of the liches standing on hill tops. And, all around them the world burns.

Coming from the walls behind us we hear a faint cry for help. Rushing back up the ledge, I find a secret door. I open the door, revealing a long hallway. We cautiously go down the hall way. We come upon a door to our right. Going inside he see Denton’s cadet, Dantu. He is chained to a stone table, with several deep cuts, all over his body. His blood is running down a trough in the table, and dripping into an urn on the side.

I rush over, and begin picking the locks on the manacles. Thaleia searches the room, and finds a diary written in infernal. She also finds this silver, glowing orb. She wraps the orb inside her cloak, as we hoist Dantu onto Tevinter’s back. We consider moving deeper into the hall, but we are just to tried to continue. We have been fighting for 3 days straight, with out a full night’s rest.

We run from the mountain lair as fast as we can. Getting as much distance as possible. As we are making camp, Denton takes the first watch. As soon as I close my eyes, I am awakened by a load roar. Springing from bed, I rush to Denton’s side. We see a skeletal dragon, flaying high into the sky, the stars and moon shinning from between its ribs. It turns away from us, and fly’s deeper into the mountains. Denton and I look at each other, we have failed.

We rush back to Thrace, intent to get Dantu to safety. Upon returning we meet with Zeus’ high priest, and the boltholder. We tell them our tale, and what we have seen. The priest’s eyes go wide, and he whispers one word “Pestilence.” We star at the priest, waiting for him to recover. HE looks up and in a shaky voice tells us the story.

Pestilence is an ancient dragon necromancer. He use to lair in these mountains, and terrorized the town of Thrace, hundreds of years ago. The church has suppressed this story, keeping it hidden from people seeking to plunge the dragon’s treasures and secrets. Pestilence has returned.
Thaleia then pulls out the silver orb, showing it to the high priest. The priest is able to identify the orb as some type of sending stone. Against Denton’s and my advice, Koth and Thaleia decided to use the orb, to try and find out who was talking to the liches.

Koth and Thaleia place their hands on the orb, closing their eyes. I see both their faces go tense in shock. Koth immediately removes his hands, clutching his head. Thaleia’s lips move, but we can not hear anything she is saying. Suddenly the high priest lets out a cry. Leaps from his chair, and knocks the orb from her hands. We quickly utters his prayers, and we will a wall of magic rise around us.

He explains that what ever Thaleia was talking to just scryed us, and now the enemy knows who and what we are. Denton, Koth, and I agree that the orb should be handed over to the church to be destroyed, but Thaleia resists. She wants to keep the orb under lock and key, so that we may try to use it. After awhile, she finally gives in to our arguments. The priest takes the orb and promises that it shall be nothing but dust by the morning.

We volunteer to return to the mountain cave, to make sure all the undead are wiped out, and that no threat sits on the boarders of Thrace. As we return, the former village is empty. No one contests us. We go deeper into the cave, finding nothing new. As we continue down the hallway, we come upon a spiral staircase. We climb higher. Coming to a ladder with an open trap door. Koth whispers a few words over me, making my fade from sight. I silently climb the ladder, looking around. I see the Lich we fought, on his knees crying out. The sound is so mournful and heart wrenching.

I climb back down the ladder and tell my friends to follow me, but to stay in the shute. I climb back up and say “ah poor baby, why are you crying” in Infernal. The lich jumps to his feet, looking around. “Who are you, where are you” he demands, “don’t worry about that, why do you cry, is it for you brethren missing from your shoulders?” I mockingly ask him. “You seem to know alot, reveal yourself.” he says, but I casually reply “No.” “Alright then, have it your way. Two can play this game”, with that said, he weaves his arms, and disappears from sight.

I let out a whistle, and my companions come through the trap door. Using Thaleia’s and my brothers powers, we locate the lich. He has melded into the stone wall, attempting to hide from out sights. Thaleia steps forward placing her hands on the stone, whispering her incantation. The stone Turns to liquid, and forms into a solitary pillar.

Was the pillar forms, Denton comes charging by, swinging his giant mace. The lich is torn from the stone. I immediately pounce on him, trying to subdue him, but he was to strong. Flinging me aside. The others surround him, he drops his staff and raises his hands. We question him, finding out that he was mourning for the skulls we destroyed. Apparently the town had six elders, that Hades fused together. Creating two liches, with three combined souls each. That we had killed his friends, people he had shared a mind with for fifteen years.

He also, believes Hades has forsaken him. They managed to complete the ritual to reanimate Pestilence’s body, but instead of the dragon staying to be guided by them, it told the liches that it had more important things to take care of, and flew off. We began to question the him about the silver orb. He refuses to talk anymore. Not wanting to let this opportunity to learn about possible more enemies slip away, we wrestle the lich to the ground. I grab his head, and with a wrench, I separate it from his body.

We decided to take the still animated skull back to the church for questioning……

Diary of Lightning Bolt

I was in the temple, the priests and people where in the pew, each seeking to talk to their perspective lords. Come now, how can you draw your God’s attention by remaining still like that. I was at the front, standing before the alter of Zeus. I began to dance……

The lightning from my hands began to spark. Showering the air with sparks, and light. The priests and people stop their insistent murmuring. The lightning covers my body, making me grow bright, Making me speed up, moving faster, and faster. Till all everyone could see was a blur of light, racing across the marble floor. Jumping and leaping off of walls, pews, drapes, and even the alter itself.

As my dance reaches its apex, I hear a faint voice, faint, but seeming to contain the entire cosmos. “Very nice little one, but your brother needs you….” I stop my dance. The light and sparks fade. My audience remains slack jaw. I hear clapping from the back of the temple, the high priest of Zeus comes walking up. “Very nice Telikus, as always. But, please stop disturbing the others. They need quite to commune with The Divine.” “My brother needs me” I say. “Yes”, replays the priest “One of his cadets has one missing on his eqq quest, go to him now”

I run from the altar room, bolting straight for my brother’s and my rooms in the dormitories. As i arrive, I see him packing his gear. “aahh, I was just coming for you” he says, “Yea, the priest and Zeus told me” I grin as he takes a double take. “You heard me correctly, he apparently likes my new dance!”

Together we set off to the high priests office, where we meet (insert Alex) and (insert Julia). They are to accompany us on searching for the lost cadet. (Alex) appears to be a paladin as my brother, but it appears by her holy symbol that she serves the church instead of one god. She must be kept busy with so many masters! (Julia) appears to be a maiden of Artemus and the forest.

We go to the stables where Doran and I go to greet Tevinter, my brother’s loyal and noble griffin. As we are strapping Tevinter’s armor on I slip him a sweet meat roll. Denton just gives me a knowing look, he doesn’t even bother to try and stop me anymore. I notice (Julia) is brushing and grooming a wold boar. What a mighty looking beast, easily twice my size, and three to four times my weight. I would not like to be stuck in the ribs with those tusks!

We head out, our journey through the forest to the mountain’s foothills go without any trouble. We seem to all be getting along wonderfully. (Julia) is one of the fairest girls I have ever seen, while (Alex) wield a 10 foot long pole arm. Just looking at it makes me begin to question just how good will she be in a fight.

We scale the steep mountain paths and cliff faces with ease. We get to the other side of the mountain before the sun sets before the horizon. We make camp, Doran takes the first watch, (Julia) takes second, (Alex) volunteers for third, and I will take last. We bed down, going to sleep. Next thing I know, I hear (Alex) shouting for us to wake up, that we have undead approaching. Denton bolts right out of bed, and leaps onto Tevinter, they go sailing into the night, lance clutched at his side. (Julia) and her boar, go charging down hill. I jump to my feet and follow. I see two undead owlbear charging directly for (Alex), as they come upon him, she swing her pole arm at lightning speeds, piercing and shattering bones on both beasts in a mer second. Wow, guess I had her pegged wrong.

From the heavens I hear the familiar whistle of Doran and Tevinter, plumitting from the heavens. I let out a loud cheer as the first bear explodes under the impact. Thats how you do it brother! As I’m racing to the next one (Alex) and (Julia) have it dismembered with ease……. I did not get to participate in the fight…. this will not happen again.

The other’s go back to sleep, while I stand watch. In the distance I hear a horse cry echoing across the mountains. Very unusual for people to traverse these mountains in the dead of winter. I wake everyone up as the sun first peeks above the horizon and we start out toward the sound. (Alex) and I go scouting ahead. We find a lone horseman, as we cautiously approach (Alex) accidentally kicks a rock. The man locks onto us and comes walking up. I whistle for the rest of the party to join (Alex) and I. We began talking to the man. It appears that his village has discovered Doran’s cadet, badly wounded and almost dead. They have him back at their village, and their healers are working to revitalize him.

Something about this man doesn’t seem right. I look over to Doran, we lock eyes. I nod, then he does. He looks back at the man, and I see the little wrinkles around his eyes form as he concentrates. He looks back over to me and shakes his head. Well this guy my not be totally honest, but he is not evil.

We follow him back to his village, he says the cadet is at their sacred religious site, the healers are tended to him. He asks that we not trespass. We give our word, he takes us to the tavern. We begin drinking and relaxing. I try to talk to the guy about theology, but he seems resistant. After awhile Doran begins to pressure him some more. But, he stead fastly refuses to talk about his religion. I lay my hand on Doran’s arm and say "Now now brother, lets not bagger our host, the beer is good, lets relax. As he starts to object, I wink at him. He falls silent. (Alex) produces a lyre from thin air, and starts to play some gentle music while we relax. Night falls, our guide says the cadet will be returned to us in the morning. He says we are welcome to sleep in the back room. We go to the back and bed down for the night. We decided to keep the same watch posts as the previous night.

As midnight approaches (Julia) wakes us up. We hear the sound of someone sneaking through the front common room. We ready or posistions for attack as our door creeps open. Our guide peeks his head through with a candle. He is taken aback to see 4 halfings armed to the teeth, staring at him. “I was just checking to make sure everything was alright” he quickly replys, again I get that strange vibe that his words are not quit right. Suddenly I hear a procession of people moving past the tavern. I ask him whats going on he told us nothing, we where just hearing things. I told him we have had enough sleep and will be heading out to see the cadet. He said we are free to go, that they whole no bars on us. Just please do not trespass on the holy grounds.

He closes the door, and leaves the tavern. I help armor my brother and Tevinter, while (Julia) helps (Alex). But then I hear more noise, and I smell smoke. I rush over to the door, but it wont budge. (Alex) rushes over and raps his knuckle against it, I hear this sizzling noise from the other side, then the door sweeps open. Revealing that the whole common room of the tavern is on fire. I say a short prayer to Zeus, and somersault my way through the fire. I crash through the door leading outside just in time to see the guide jump on his horse, and take off through the forest toward the holy grounds.

At that moment Doran come barreling through the door on Tevinter, as he sweeps over my head and into the air I whistle for his attention and point in the direction to go. We all go running through the forest, even though the traitor was on horse back, he could not escape my keen eyes. I was able to lead the party through the forest. As we stumble into a clearing right before the mountain face, we see the rider standing before a cave entrance. Beside him is two huge, pillars of bones and skulls. The riders form shimmers, his flesh melts away. Doran shouts out this this guy is a Phantom Rider. He charges for the rider, calling out Zeus’ man. I feel the eye of our master turn our way. Just in time to see Dorans lance strike true. The rider releases a scream, and then spurs his mount forward. Straight for (Alex), poor fool, he has know idea what this diminutive warrior and his big stick can do. (Julia)’s boar and I notice the pillar on the left fall forward, arms and legs of bone sprout from it.

The pig and I both charge straight for it. The pig can not seem to do any damage to the bones, they just keep deflecting the blows away. I begin to dance. As i rush forward the pillar swiped a massive limb of bone straight at me. I leaped onto it, running up the length of bone, till I reach its joint. Where I smash my fist down onto the weak spot. The bones splinter and shatter apart. Dropping the entire appendage. I hoop down, and quickly run behind it. I continue pummeling every knee and elbow, ankle, and spin that I can find. Before to much time, the is nothing put a pile of bones, and alot of dust floating around me. I look up to see me brother’s lance driven into the chest of the rider, he screams out again, and then fades away. His armor and weapons falling to the ground.

As we regroup, I hear chanting coming from the caves. I also hear the cries of our cadet. We all run into the cave. I hold everyone back as I notice a pressure plate. I am able to disarm the trap with no problem. (Alex) places his hand on me and says “May Hermese hid you fro mthe sight of our enemies”, I look down and see my body fade from view. I take of down the hall way with the others following. All of a sudden, I hear the cadet scream and the chanting intensifies. I WILL NOT LET MY BROTHER"S PUPIL FALL INTO THE HANDS OF EVIL! I take of sprint down the hallway, outdistancing my companions.

I was careless. Right when I reach the end of the hallway, the group gives out under me. I had just enough time to do a back flip and land on solid ground. A ten foot hole appears before me as the floor gives out. At the bottom I seem the gleams of metal spikes. I also see movement….. Suddenly two holes in the roof open up, and these skeletons joined to a serpent tail of bones drop from the wholes. Dividing the party in thirds…. and one climbs from the put before me. I am sandwiched between two monsters, while (Julia) and Doran are in the middle, separated from (Alex) at the far back. I do an about face, and start wailing on the monster between me and my brother, knocking whole chunks out of its skeletal body. Through the mass of bones, I see (Alex) lifted into the air, then the skeletons stuff her into one of rib cages, and she goes sliding down into it’s tail.

Doran sees this as well, I shout “Go” to him, he spins his mount, knowing full well that these monster’s are no match for me. I feel the bones of the monster behind me slice into my back mightily, he tries to drag me to him, but I manage to slip free. He is over balanced as one arm rears back for another wing, as he balances on the edge of the hole I give a little push, and send him tumbling back down the hole.

I turn to face the monster, blocking my brother from me. I start wailing on him relentlessly. Forcing him to give me his full attention. He swings all four arms at me, but I’m able to doge his blows with no problem. My next attack turns his skulls to powder. The rest of his bones fall apart. Just in time. As I turn around I see the skeleton who had fallen. He has just risen from the whole. Right in time to receive my first into his left skull, shattering it. As it rears back up to its full hight, I starting working on the exposed spine, where it connects to the tail. In short order the other one is dead…….. to be continued.

Stretching my Wings
Session 1 of v2.0

To Remus Battiatus (reigning Boltholder),

Sir Battiatus, I write to you dealing with a matter of great importance, concerning all of the Flightfoot clan! Let me start from the beginning.

As one of the veterans of the Talon Warriors, I had been charged with the supervision of new initiates, one’s whom have yet to prove their mettle and been charged with a griffon all their own. One new initiate, Dantu, showed great promise and yearned for acceptance of the Warriors, so instead of waiting for springtime like the others, he insisted on going now. Against all the protest by the veterans, he vowed to return with an egg, and become like non-other before him. Granting him permission, the elders of the tribe blessed him with the amulet of Status, like all the others before him.

Few days after his journey began, I received the news I was expecting, and dreading all the same. His status showed he was in dire need, and we then lost contact… by Zeus, another young lad at Hades’ door. Quickly, I found Telikus and told him of my plight. Of course he would come, he is by my side at all times. Sometimes I have more faith in him than Zeus, but those moments quickly pass. Agreeing we could use help finding him we go to find (Julia’s toon), knowing full well that her connection to the land, and knowledge of its geography will come in quite handy. Also, we find (Alex’s toon) know he(she???) needs to stretch his legs and get out of the city. So we head out to find the young Dantu.

After trekking up the arduous winter mountain, we made camp along side the mountain side, trusting our guide to stay out of caves, and to make due. After settling in after our watch, we are awoken by (Alex’s toon) shouting out. Knowing this can mean only one thing, Tevinter and I quickly awake and forgo our armor. We see shambling towards our ally, what looks like the twisted remains of an owlbear. I will not allow this abomination to strike at my ally as I call for Zeus’ wrath on the creature. I feel his power well-up inside of me, and as I strike the creature, unleash in a way only true evil can feel. The creature was no match. The other was quickly dispatched as well. A little uneasy at the site of undead in the local area, Tevinter, the rest of the group and I return to slumber, with Telikus taking the last watch.

He awakes us telling us he heard a horse in the distance… odd at this time of year. We scout out ahead and quickly discover a man on a horse. He tells us of his plight; that a small village nearby has sent men to Thrace to recover supplies for winter and have not returned as expected. He says he was to show them back, but tells us he knows young Dantu! That he came across him and has brought him back to Utopia for healing. I can sense this man seems to be hiding something as we return to his village, but my divine magics tell me that he is not inherently evil. We trust this man only so much, but we go along back to the village. It seems that Dantu was taking to a sacred sight for a healing ritual to take place and that he should be returning to the village in the morning. We agree to stay the evening at the local tavern. We try to pry into the beliefs of this town but the man, Tylonious, seems to shy away.

As we begin to rest, the druid sense someone approaching, in the middle of the night. Something is amiss and we know it, so we inform Tylonious that we must leave and wait for Dantu at the ritual site. As we prepare to depart, it becomes apparent that the door to the tavern has been magically sealed! (Alex’s toon) uses magic to break the lock, and the door swings open to reveal that the place has been set ablaze!!! That traitor of his word! I will find him and seek retribution! As we escape the flames, we seek Tylonious, and the always perceptive Telikus, points us in the right direction, towards the cave of the sacred ritual!!! I knew something was amiss, as we sensed it all, I blame myself for not acting apon it. Zeus forgive me, you forged my instinct for a reason to serve you, and I ignored it, but I will seek vengeance.

As we approach the cave it seems what would appear to be Tylonious, is not. All an illusion it seems as this man I can identify as a phantom rider! And at his flanks were bone spurs. He made claim that he told us not to come, but I immediately seek to right my honor! I will not be in dealings with an abomination on this land. I will cleanse this evil in Zeus’ name!!! I ask for Zeus to lend me his power once again, to purge this creature from the Earth, and he answers in a way only the King of the Gods can!!! Through divine might, I land a blow upon the creature, though is incorporeal being tried to hide him from my lance, it had no power when Zeus’ warrior shone through! While my companions battling with all their might, I place one more charge into the rider and he dissipates. Our party makes quick work of the bone spurs, as my brother proves once again, that size does not equate to power.

We enter the cave, knowing full well that it most certainly contains more evil beings that must be purged of this world. Telikus finds a trap, as those of questionable morals tend to have, and easily bypasses it. He pushes forward, with us at his rear. We enter a hallway in which we notice robed figures ahead, chanting quietly. With Telikus being invisible we push forward, knowing he is but ahead of us. We hear him rushing forward, towards the figures, when suddenly a pit opens, a portcullis drops, and creatures begin falling from the ceiling and from the pit. Serpentines as we recognize them. Telikus acted first and sent his fist flying into the one directly in front of me. (Alex’s toon) soon was captured in the belly of one of the creatures, and I vowed to free my companion, turning Tevinter on end and charging lance-first into the creature, allowing Tevinter in close to destroy the evil before us. Our druid begins using her deity to power animated weapons, crushing the enemies. After returning to the original, drawing out as much of my power that remained, I channeled Zeus’ wrath in a glowing burst, attempting to cleanse the area of these creatures. The one before me fell, though (Alex’s toon) was still caught, I ordered Tevinter to unleash his wrath on the enemy of our comrade. He viciously bit into the creature, freeing our ally, and allowing us to rush to the aid of Telikus once more. My brother had held his own, and our party was forming such a close bond, that a hoard of these creatures could not stand before us. I will find Dantu, and crush the evil that lay in these dwellings. My comrades will enable me to perform Zeus’ will unhindered. These friends are truly friends of the gods.

My answers

Just want to say that I have to agree with Donovan that this, I believe, will be better in the long run! And the survey thing I think will be great too!!! Awesome job D-man!!! (not that we ever doubted you… great DM skills for sure!)

Rolling dmg with dice seems good, seeing as we did away with action points… I could just see me metagaming by blowing tons of action points b/c I saw the epic amounts of damage already… but seeing as we moved to the hero point system, I think they’ll be more valuable in the long-run thus not too bad of powergaming there.


1) I think I’m with Julia; On the verge between fantastic and epic. I want to kill some undead and a devil or two… maybe the devils are in cahoots with the villain, so be it… maybe not to the point that we’re stemming an entire planar invasion (not yet anyhow… growing in lvl seems like it would yield doing more epic things). So probably Fantastic now, then lean towards Epic later.

2) I think I’m on the line between standard and intense… I do feel like sometimes it needs to be subdued, but I can’t help but love to knock heads. I DO love some roleplaying though, I think the skill challenges are fun and creative and that there should be an even mix. But I do kinda feel like I’d feel a bit lacking if there was no combat at least once a session. Puzzles are great too! Just my spin though…

3)Lol… all of them? I dunno, cash-flow seems good, and c’mon… who doesn’t love some badass gear? (did you see Alex’s face when he got an intelligent Dwarven waraxe???) And be well renowned is pretty awesome in itself (though, if I get a title instead of money/lootsies for a quest, I’ll feel nixed as a player lol… as a PC though, I’ll be well behaved lol) And Donovan… you did include World Domination… all D&D players seek world domination from playing… duh. ;)

4) Ya getting beat sucks… but idk… as a player, I hate defeat, as my PC I’d hate controlled or tricked. So I’ll go with defeat =D

5) I’m going to say realistic… I feel that our group is upbeat and cheery, and that we can of course do comical things in and out of game… but as far as the setting, realistic to bleak…

BTW all… I’m super excited about this week!!!

Survey answers


I want to participate in a world on the brink of distruction. Legions of cult members and demons pillaging and raping across the borders. I want to rush into battel fighting for freedom and justice knowing full well that my god has my back. I want to be the under-dog, i want to slaughter unending hordes of evil. I want to find weapons of lore. Weapons that can challenge the gods themselves. And for my final reward, i want to bask in the very presence of my god, to have him/her embrace me and thank me for all my hard work. To tell me that they appreciate and love me.

Also, I love you ideas on the power level. It did feel weird to be fighting town guards who had the same BAB as us. I love the ideas of Bounty Hunters and Assassins coming after us. This is going to rock. As for party splitting. I promise to stop trying to do that. I will try to more actively participate in role-playing events, instead of just sitting in the back seat and then doing my own thing. I am super excited for this Wednesday. I already love the story going with Telikus and Doran, and I can;t wait to see how Alex’s toon and Pallis join in on this.

Survey Response
"If I could have a moment of your time..."

Julia Hughes

Thanks for working with the power level thing. I didn’t even act like I was a fourth level character. I was a badass ;) and that was all that mattered! Now I feel that things will work more smoothly with the whole badass vibe and of course helping everything make sense…

I like the idea of rolling the damage die with the attack roll. It should help speed things up and encourage us to have our die all together at the start of the session.


1. Fantastic, however I do enjoy the Epic side. Right now I would love to be more involved with the gods, which is most assuredly epic, but as long as there are magical beasts and magic castles and the like I am happy.

2. Standard, but leaning more toward subdued. I really like role-playing, but I can get down for a damage dealing, loot finding, maze like dungeon rife with traps and puzzles. Through some role-playing in a dungeon and you got yourself a jackpot winner! “Burn baby burn… Disco inferno!”

3. Right now I have to say gear. I want an epic shield so bad! Role-playing is nice, after all Pallas is trying to get her title back with her redemption, but I really want badass gear to make her more unique and stand out in a crowd. Which could sometimes be a burden but that is what a caster and a disguise check is for ;) .

4. Well, this is a tough one. I think defeat is my ‘hate’ of choice because I find the tricks an interesting way to go. It feels so good when the pieces fit together and it becomes a game of wits, and there are a few times that you can figure out the trick and those moments make all the previous failures worth while. Controlled, well Pallas was working for the government and was in the military, obviously I have no problem with this. It also gives you contacts, missions, and sometimes a villain that may or may not have been the guy you were working for to begin with.

5. I enjoy cheery romps through cliche and off the wall humor, but some days I just wanna be depressed. Bleak, however, is a mood of the day kind of thing. I often prefer light-hearted and humerus because most adventure groups I have played with like to crack jokes and make light of things all around the table. If the campaign is like that then the session will be open to some rather interesting humor.

Downloading Update for Imperium Mais v2.0
76% Completed...

Ok, so I have been thinking about the campaign, and I believe I have figured out where to go from here. But before I get to that I wanted to address some things that I believe were causing problems before, and my projected plan to fix it.

Power Level

I think the power level of the party in Imperium Maius 1.0 was misleading and confusing. I had yall make gestalt characters. This makes your EL (estimated level) 1.5 your norm. This would make yall the rough equivalent to a lvl 7 four person party. To a group this formidable certain tasks seem like they should come with ease freeing the groups time to face important things. But, for reasons I can’t readily explain (it’s not a campaign secret or anything, I just don’t know) I just kind of bumped of the power level of the whole world behind the scenes to keep yall dealing with the kinds of things a normal lvl 4-5 party would deal with.

But your not a normal party. No, normal parties wet themselves when you walk into the tavern. You’ve trained half as long to kick twice as much ass as those poor shmucks counting out goblin ears for some penny-ante bounty gig. So your going to notice the little things (town guards, local brigands, the affairs of some local noble turnip crop) are now going to be firmly below you, were they should be. It was confusing to one moment be dealing with ghosts and epic prophecies and the next hiding from the local constabulary and fretting getting arrested like some apple-pinching street urchin. This is not to say you have nothing to fear from the powers that be, just that encounters and responses will be more fitting for a party of your immense capabilities.

TL,DR (Too Long, Didn’t Read)

Problem: Party was EL 6-7 facing beefed up EL 4-5 challenges.

Solution: Party will now be dealing with level appropriate challenges and scenarios. Mechanically they were fitting before, but story wise they weren’t. Expect bounty hunters instead of town guard, assassins instead of local brigands, and expect to be heroes of great acclaim not figures of local note.

Party Splitting

This ones not a big one, but I feel it is worth mentioning since it has come up a few times now. I know that splitting the party can often seem like an advantageous thing to do. It allows the party to cover twice as much ground in the same ammount of time and sometimes it is just what your character would do. That being said, it also often leaves some portion of the group to sit on the sidelines wishing they had gone with that team. Everybody comes to play, so this is not a lot of fun for them, and can often be dangerous to the team in the action as they can potentially find themselves lacking critical skills and abilities desirable in overcomming the situation.

The solution is simple and self explanatory. Lets try to keep the party together. I know it is a bit of a metagame solution, but it will keep everyone in the game and having fun.

Combat Speed

I know we talked about this briefly and everyone seemed interested in ways to speed up combat so it didn’t take up whole sessions. I think the timer is a good idea, and I would like to start implementing it starting with this next session (assuming we can find a good timer to use).

I would also like to try another method that is popular amongst the folks on the D&D message boards: Rolling damage dice with attack dice. I know it seems like a small thing, but having the dice already rolled means less time hunting for dice and more time killing baddies. I’d at least like to try it and see how things go, if yall are game.

Campaign Expectations

I think there were several things about the campaign, and play in general, that we were on different pages about. I must admit, I developed challenges and encounters based largly off of my concept of a fun campaign, modified by what I had noticed yall enjoyed and what I noticed yall hadn’t. This seems to have left a decent portion of the group feeling like their original characters didn’t fit in. This is something I’d like to remedy for Imperium Maius 2.0

As such, I’d like yall to help me out and complete the following short survey, so I can have a better idea of what kind of adventure you guys want to be the heroes of.

Please submit an adventure log answering the following questions. That way, not only will I know everyone’s preference, but yall can be aware of what elements your fellow players find enjoyable.

The Survey (I promise to keep it brief)

1.) I prefer the storline to be:

  • Gritty – I prefer to deal with down to earth scenarios dealing mostly with fantasized versions of normal entities (governments, criminals, politicians, etc.)
  • Fantastic – I prefer to deal with elements traditional to the fantasy genre. I want to slay dragons, uncover secret cults, fight off hordes of monstrous baddies, and explore magic ridden arcane sanctums.
  • Epic – I want to meddle in the affairs of extra-planar beings, uncover the hidden prisons of fallen gods, I want to feel as though the party was somehow destined for greatness and that no group to follow will ever be as consequential.
  • Something Else – Not covered by the above? Then let me know.

2.) I prefer the action to be:

  • Subdued – Give me a good role-playing session to convince a hard-headed diplomat, give me a conspiracy with so many twists and turns to unravel that L (from deathnote) would be shaking his head in frustration, give me a skill challenge were precision teamwork and a good plan rule out over a strong sword arm and a readied spell.
  • Standard – Keep it comming, but give me an opportunity to catch my breath. I enjoy dungeon crawls with a good mixture of traps, monsters, and puzzles, I enjoy an overland travel through harsh terrain, battling the elements, the trail, and the local denizens. I enjoy an urban adventure that combines social skills as well as a few chances to bust skulls.
  • Intense – I want bloodshed. I want to wake up in the morning knowing my life will be threatened at least thrice before breakfast. I want to sleep in my armor and develop unnatural affections for my weapon. If not bloodshed then I better be scaling an erupting volcano or travelling through hell and back in a way that only D&D can make literal. I want to measure my progress in tidy piles of dead enemies and harrowing adventures of ridicoulous danger.
  • Something Else – Not covered above? Tell me about it.

3.) I prefer the rewards to be:

  • Role-playing – I want titles and tracks of land, I want a statue honoring my heroic actions in the town square, I want to inspire a religious/social/political movement that sweeps the land, I want to hear my name whispered in every tavern and invoked by powerful men.
  • Gear – I want items of legend and worth, swords of ancient heroes, amulets forged by mighty wizards, and scrolls and potions bearing strange and magical power. Forgot +1 longswords, I want something unique and epic. Something that bards compose ballads about.
  • Money – I want to be richer then the gods (don’t let them hear you say that, of course). I will want for nothing. If I see something I want, I want to know that the great sum of coins and gems in the pouch at my waist will cover it and leave me enough coin to celebrate my new purchase.
  • Something Else – Not covered above? (Picky, picky… :) ) Tell me about it.

4.) When I play, I hate it when I’m:

  • Defeated – I loathe to run from a fight. If I can’t face down a threat and defeat it I feel weak and helpless. I might be fooled or brought under the thumb of others, but no man can defeat me by force of arms.
  • Tricked – I hate it when my enemies fool me. I want to be one step ahead of everyone I meet and finding someone one step ahead of that makes me feel stupid or unobservant. I might be bested in the field of combat, or ordered around by superiors, but no man can out-think, out-plan, or out-prepare my cunning intellect.
  • Controlled – I hate it when my destiny is not my own. When I follow the orders of another I feel oppressed and stifled. I might find myself on the wrong end of a sword or outwitted by a cunning adversary, but I will do so as a free man.
  • Something Else – Not covered above? Let me know.

5.) I like the mood to be:

  • Cheery – I prefer the mood to be light-hearted and heroic. I prefer good to prevail most often over evil with little collateral damage to innocents along the way. Description of eviscerated remains and bloodcurdling rituals are gratuitous or unsettling. If my campaign had a movie rating, it would be rated G-PG.
  • Realistic – I prefer the mood to be gritty and realistic. I prefer good to win in the long run, but the struggle will likely hurt innocents along the way. I like to be reminded that the beasts I fight are flesh and blood, and that true evil exists in the world, but dealing with it constantly is just depressing. If my campaign had a movie rating, it would be rated PG13-R
  • Bleak – I prefer the mood to be harsh and foreboding. I prefer the party to be the lone points of light in a largely sinister world. Good should never fully triumph over evil, and gods save the unprotected for no one else will. I prefer my nemesis to be in cahoots with at least 3 different unspeakably evil entities (if not be one himself). If there isn’t grotesque mass sacrifices or ritualistic rape and torture involved, then we are clearly dealing with one of the lesser evils of this world. If my campaign had a movie rating it would be NC-17 or worse.
  • Something Else – Not covered above? Let me know.


  • Anything else I should know?

How does that sound to anybody? If you have any comment or criticisms on any of the above suggestions, please feel free to include them with you survey thingy.

I’m really looking forward to this new campaign (if it could be called that). I think a chance to restart and reevaluate will be a blessing in the long run. I will be posting a follow-up adventure log (probably some time later today) with the details of how we will begin this new iteration of Imperium Maius.

Thanks for your help. :)

Where to go from here
Our worst session...

Alright, so this isn’t really an adventure blog, and I would assume we delete it after we get the new sessions going, so people don’t have to “wtf” our adventure log(s). This is more of a kinda discussion or set of ideas that can propel the group into continuing the Imperium Maius campaign. The world is awesome, though I don’t know how some parts of it are, here are some ideas:

- Pallas is stripped of rank, thus her entire world is crumbling around her. She is kinda in the dumps, simply roaming the lands, uninspired to continue living, she has been dishonored and thus is equivelent to scum. As she is roaming, an old comrade from the convent (Alex’s character) catchs up with her and pulls her out of her depression. He introduces her to the Flightfoot brothers, who hail from a halfing clan devoted to Zeus. The zeal of old comrade and of the brothers awakens what she thought was lost and inspires her to find this false prophet and regain her honor. Her story inspires the brothers and comrade to fight by her side to either A) Vanquish evil or B) Regain her honor or C) Both. Though she knows not what to do, she prays with fevor and Athena grants her a vision (the first plot hook)…

-Pallas is imprisoned, and is desolate. Destroyed by the apparent betrayal of a comrade, of having to turn in Greytusk and disappearance of Kairn. She seeks nothing more but the blade of an axe to come on to her neck. Yet, as she prepares for her what would be exectution: Either

A sudden rescue is sprung…. and Pallas is lead to a group of men, one she recognizes. Nira has actually staged her execution, the others (except Clindos) have been given other orders, (Kairn to spy, never to be caught, Greytusk put into slavery) due to the group’s constant ability to draw too much attention. Pallas is given a new identity and it will take someone that was quite close to her to even assume that she is even of relation to Pallas. Nira has employed the use of her former comrade and the Flightfoot brothers to aid in her mission and to regain her honor. The code of ethics branded by the new group will assume no unessisary attention is given to the group. Nira has received information from Kairn that they are to head to (enter plot hook here)


She is given a sudden divine inspiration. It is of a former comrade and of two halfing brothers as they battle the false oracle! She assumes to be executed but is simply stripped of rank and citizenship, nevermore to be thought of. She knows where to go to seek answers of this vision… the newly risen true oracle! As she arrives the oracle councils her on her lost faith, stating that all must go through trials, and only the strongest hold their faith, as she did. The oracle gives the location of the people from her vision, which is nearby. As it turns out, Nira, a man of great power who has been doing this kinda thing for long enough, is not a man to put all his eggs in one basket. This group has been sent as a sign of sympathy to track down the previous group. However, their true mission is to pick up where the last group left off. Yes, this leaves Nira a bit more invested, but this group has nothing against them (except for Pallas, who has stripped of rank, and thus less if not completely identifiable) and is simply given a task from Nira’s regular regime. The group has found out that (enter plot hook here)

Ok… so these are some brainstormed ideas. Take them and run with them. Run with SOME of them. Completely dismiss them. Tell me they make no sense at all, I really don’t care lol. It’s just some ideas that I’ve thrown out there to try and make the “new” group work. I think that all of them could be used, though I’m partial to the middle one, where her death is staged. I think it alleavates most of our groups inability to simply walk the roads and jank. It’s whatever, but lets save the campaign… too much fun not to right?


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